Originally from France, Alex moved to Scotland in 2014 and settled in Glasgow. In the summer of 2018, he joined a pottery workshop at a local studio and made his first pots. Over the following months pottery became an obsession which eventually led him to set up his own studio.

He focuses on tableware and decorative pieces. Alex's work is minimal, leaning towards simple shapes and muted colours.

Unlike mass-produced objects, his pieces are handmade and show the marks of this artisanal process.




Working from a home studio in rural Nottinghamshire, Raechyl aka RaRa, handcrafts an array of colourful ceramics and illustrative designs that aim to promote positive wellbeing and spread joy, as well as offering encouragement and support to their owner.

They also serve as a reminder to go at your own pace, be kinder to yourself and remember you're not alone.