Amaranthine is an Edinburgh based natural skincare company. Their ethically produced products are certified both cruelty and palm oil free.


Beauty and Aromatherapist founded, Sarah believes skincare should be a self-care ritual to look forward to. Amaranthine products are a luxurious treat for your skin - they contain beautiful essential oil blends that are chosen for both their skin and mood benefits.


Founded by Claire, Ermana natural skincare products are made from high quality natural and organic ingredients using the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.


As well as being an ethical brand, Ermana strives to be sustainable, only using UK based suppliers for all their ingredients and eco friendly packaging.


Och Vegan Cosmetics is a cooperation of two soul mates, Magdalena & Remi.

Based in Glasgow and committed to everything vegan, natural and zero-waste, which is, of course, their philosophy, too.

They make everything by hand and make sure that ingredients are of the best quality. They offer face & body soap bars, all of them are antibacterial and non-drying. Amazing bath salts to help you relax and soak the stress away. Natural deodorants in biodegradable paper tubes and whipped body butter to treat chapped skin.


Superfly Soap® was formed through a love of handmade soap and a strong desire to make a difference on reducing single use plastic.

Production takes place at the studio in Kincardine, Central Scotland and as a team of one, Lisa can ensure quality and consistency.

All products are all vegan friendly but they’re not just for vegans, they’re for everyone!